YES! Fiber & Diet Can Reduce Hot Flashes


Ok, Wait.. What! That stuff my doctor is always trying to get me to get can actually HELP my hot flashes. Tell me more…

Research has shown that maintaining a diet low in animal fat, high in fiber from fruits and vegetables, may reduce hot flashes and night sweats associated with Menopause.

The study of 17,473 women by the Women’s Health Initiative found that women on a diet low in animal fat and high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, who had menopausal symptoms, who were not taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and who lost weight (10 or more pounds or 10 or more per cent of their baseline body weight) were more likely to reduce or eliminate hot flashes and night sweats after one year, compared to those in a control group who maintained their weight.

A diet low in animal fat, in combination with exercise and an active life style together with one or two capsules of Don’t Pause containing Pomegranate and Green Tea, together with other 100% natural ingredients, will help to manage the symptoms associated with Menopause naturally. Don’t Pause your Life. Don’t Pause for Menopause.

We have established 45 symptoms of menopause with talking to our clients over the years. Do you know how many of the symptoms you may be experiencing and may not be aware that they are because of Menopause?

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