These Mood Swings Are Making Me Seasick!


I don’t suffer from insanity I am enjoying every minute of it. – Anonymous

Happy, Sad, Crying, Depressed, Complacent, Crying again…

Mood Swing is a rapid change in mood. Sometimes mood swings can be positive like in emergencies or cases of excitement.  However, the mood swing the week before the menstrual period is not always positive. It comes with irritability, anger, depression, anxiety, sudden tears and many other sensitivities. The duration of mood swings varies from person to person. Usually it goes away once the menstruation starts.

With Menopause, this week of mood swings continues for the rest of our lives, and it is neither  pleasant  for one-self nor the others around us.

Changes in a person’s level of energy, sleep, sex drive and self- esteem may also get affected by these mood swings.

Activities that will assist in managing mood swings:

Healthy Diet
Physical Activity,
Fresh Air
Dark Chocolate
Together with Don’t Pause…

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