Listen Up Ladies! Menopausal Women Sleep Less Than 6 Hours A Night


Can you sleep? We can’t either!! So we brought back Dr. Ershadi to tell us why. She’s the boomerpreneur behind Don’t Pause and sys those sleepless nights are your body telling you something. Take it away Dr. Ershadi!!

DR ERSHADI: Do you wake up sleepy and not sleep at nights?

The National Sleep Foundation has reported that 20 percent of menopausal and postmenopausal women sleep less than six hours per night during the work week, while only 12 percent of premenopausal women (with the exception of pregnant women) sleep less than six hours. Lower levels of estrogen may cause sleep problems among older women, either directly, or indirectly. The lack of estrogen may cause sleep disruption, and the lack of progesterone increases breathing disruption, with often leads to snoring and sleepless nights, and drowsy days.

Lifestyle changes including incorporating exercise, eating a healthy diet, reducing caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol in addition to taking a natural supplement like Don’t Pause, will assist in catching the optimal amount of zzz’s.

Be conscious of when you exercise as well, as morning exercise is good for sleepless nights in postmenopausal women. Exercise could help set circadian rhythms, or the body’s internal clock, which in turn regulates sleep-inducing hormones such as melatonin.

Sleep Deprivation is one of the 45 Symptoms of Menopause. Have you checked the list of the 45 Symptoms we have put together talking to our many clients over the many years we have been studying Menopause? How many do you have?

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