“Boomer Hotties” Cher, Helen Miren, and Barbara on OMG Insider

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“I don’t think anyone my age is making records!” – Cher Age ain’t nothing but a number, and these hot celebrities are walking examples of what we’ve been saying all along. Cher, Helen Miren, and Jane Fonda are all speaking out about ageism and we’re listening. Author, of The Viagra Diaries, Barbara Rose Brooker also appears to share some words of wisdom in this clip form OMG Insider. PRESS PLAY!

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Boomer Hottie Barbara Rose Brooker, on Today Show for The Viagra Diaries

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Today Show Barbara Rose Brooker The Viagra Diaries

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Author: People in their 60s have sex too Barbara Rose Brooker is the author of “The Viagra Diaries,” about one 65-year-old woman’s quest to find fame, fortune and love later in life. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that just because you’re getting older, you shouldn’t let that define you.

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Online Dating At 76: Weird Widowers, Ex-Cons And Lying Octogenarians

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the viagra diaries | boomer hottie

Originally Posted by THE HUFFINGTON POST: 05/03/2013 9:24 am EDT   Barbara Rose Brooker has been single for over 28 years. Six years ago, at age 70, Brooker tried a new approach to her love life: online dating. A 2012 Bowling Green State University study described people over 60 as the “fastest-growing demographic in online dating,” and even lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart, 71, is giving a go. Brooker, now 76, describes herself as a proud member of the “boomer hottie” generation […]

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Business Rockstars with Boomer Hottie, Suzy Unger

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Suzy Unger Boomer Hottie

LISTEN NOW! Hollywood Agent, founder of OMG Productions, and self-proclaimed Boomer Hottie, Suzy Unger discusses how instrumental promotion is for YOUR business, as well as for her latest business venture with her mom, Barbara Rose Brooker (the original Boomerhottie!), on CBS Radio’s Business Rockstars. Suzy Unger is one of the pioneers of reality TV and has been a dealmaker in the biggest media market in the world. During her twenty-seven years in the business, she has had the unfailing […]

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Sharon Osbourne Says She’s A “Boomer Hottie” The Talk


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Join Sharon and tweet, share, scream from your rooftop #ImABoomer Hottie!! and join our ageless revolution. Sharon Osbourne was so moved by what Barbara had to say she proclaimed herself a Boomer Hottie on national television. You can have it all. We see that spark in your eye because it’s the same one we have. Imagine what we can do together. Imagine what you can do starting today.   #ImABoomer Hottie from Six Foot Turkey on #ImABoomer Hottie.

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Meet Barbara - The Original Boomer Hottie